Zoning Permit ZP-2021-003489C (Issued)
Status: Issued Application Date: Apr 2, 2021
Issue Date: Jun 14, 2021
Completed Date:
Expiration Date: Jun 14, 2022
Description: Commercial - Conditional Zoning Approval
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Type of Work: Conditional Zoning Approval
Approved Scope of Work: CONDITIONAL APPROVAL FOR THE DEMOLITION OF EXISTING STRUCTURES ON LOT; FOR THE ERECTION OF ONE(1) DETACHED STRUCTURE( 149 ' HIGH) (24' Additional Height within /ECO for providing Public Space for 21-30% of lot area; 12' per each 5,000 sf of Additional Retail area provided within /ECO, up to maximum 48' AND 12' for every 20% of street drainage managed within /ECO, up to maximum 48' AND ( using public space bonus as per section 14-702(6)(a) &(d); retails space bonus per 14-702(130 AND STORMWATER MANAGEMENT BONUS AS PER 14-702(14) .
Residential - Household Living - Multi-Family
Type of Structure:
Area of Earth Disturbance (sq. ft.): 100000
Occupancy Type: Other
Review Type: Accelerated Review
200-24 SPRING GARDEN ST, Philadelphia, PA 19123-2923
Primary Location: 200-24 SPRING GARDEN ST, Philadelphia, PA 19123-2923
Specific Location:
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