General Permit Minor GM-2021-014138 (Expired)
Status: Expired Application Date: Dec 20, 2021
Issue Date: Jan 11, 2022
Completed Date: Oct 31, 2022
Expiration Date: Oct 29, 2022
Description: Commercial - EZ Interior Non-Load-Bearing Wall Demo.
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Permit Type: EZ Interior Non-Load-Bearing Wall Demo.
Approved Scope of Work: Demo of interior finishes and partitions for Ground Floor Health Club Space, this includes the Basement up through 2nd Mezzanine including removal of approximately 6000sf of 1st and 2nd mezzanine structures.
Type of Occupancy: Other
General Construction Area (sq. ft.): 11900
General Construction Cost of Work: 300000.00
Homeowner is doing the work:
Primary Location: 1435-41 WALNUT ST, Philadelphia, PA 19102-3219
Specific Location: 1st Floor and Mezzanine - Interior Only
Related Information
Type Description
Contractor CLEMENS CONSTRUCTION CO INC.. dba Clemens Construction Company
Phone: (215) 567-5757, License Number: 21341
Screen ID: 2890690