Commercial Building Permit CP-2022-003523 (Completed)
Status: Completed Application Date: Jun 20, 2022
Issue Date: Jul 1, 2022
Completed Date: Jul 7, 2022
Expiration Date: Jan 7, 2023
Description: Commercial - Other - Addition and/or Alteration
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Type of Work: Addition and/or Alteration
Approved Scope of Work: To address L&I violation CF-2022-037139 for exceeding scope of EZ Interior Demolition permit; For partial demolition of two (2) interior mezzanine levels (reduced down to interior balconies at rear, and demolish unenclosed access stairs), within the first story of an existing seven (7) story attached structure, as per plans; no exterior work on this permit.
Type of Structure: Other
Modular Building:
Units: 1
Number of Stories of Work: 2
High Rise Building:  
Includes Green Roof Construction:  
Facade Work Being Done:  
Includes at least 5' Excavation:
Includes Underpinning:
Impacts on Adjacent Property:
One or both of the following applies:  
1) Construction works extends into, under, or onto a public right-of-way.
2) Project involves new, relocated, or extended driveway.
Area of Earth Disturbance (sq. ft.):
Alteration Area (sq. ft.): 6000
Addition Area (sq. ft.):
Total Construction Area (sq. ft.): 6000
Electrical Cost of Work:
Fire Suppression Cost of Work:
Mechanical / Fuel Gas Cost of Work:
Exacation Cost of Work:
Plumbing Cost of Work:
General Construction Cost of Work: $400,000.00
Total Construction Cost of Work: $400,000.00
Total Improvement Cost: $400,000.00
Design Professional:
Primary Location: 1435-41 WALNUT ST, Philadelphia, PA 19102-3219
Specific Location: AKA 1435-41 WALNUT ST; MEZZANINE LEVEL
Related Information
Type Description
Building Occupancy Occupancy: B Business (Office) 6000 Sq. Ft.
Contractor CLEMENS CONSTRUCTION CO INC.. dba Clemens Construction Company
Phone: (215) 567-5757, License Number: 21341
Screen ID: 972087